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Some examples of the projects we have the pleasure to support:

Rotherhithe Festival Group
The group organises a Festival each year, bringing the community together and showcasing the activities of local groups. NSET has supported five festivals.

"May I thank your trustees for sponsoring the Rotherhithe Festival again this year. It was a great event. Over 2500 people attended and we managed to raise £2325.00 for Help For Heroes . The great attraction was the stocks with people being soaked with wet sponges. The children all had a great time with bouncy castles, face painters and badge making all for free". – Barry Duckett.


Somali Youth Action Forum
A community organisation for young Somali people, organised by Somali adults.

"Football is a great way of attracting young Somali men to come together, engage in positive activities and meet new friends. We want other young people to continue to get involved and enjoy it when they come. It’s not just about playing football. Being part of our group and engaging in regular positive activity, young peoples ambitions and aspirations will grow. NSET’s grants over four years have helped us to cover the costs of pitch hire and coach fees". – Hussein Ali.


The Voices Foundation
A music education charity working closely with the Government, Local Authorities and Schools to deliver sustainable solutions to teaching music at a Primary level. The mission of the Foundation is to enable all children to realise their full potential through a singing-based music curriculum, and to influence national perception of the vital importance of music in education.
Three grants from NSET have helped to bring the work of the Voices Foundation to schools in North Southwark.


Brunel Museum
Located in historic Rotherhithe the museum holds frequent special events and has a big presence in the local community, running play schemes in the summer holiday and welcoming schools throughout the year as part of Key Stage 2 history.
Over a seven year period grants from NSET have helped to fund childrens’ activities during the play schemes and his year a blacksmith with a mobile forge has helped children to make a sundial giving them hands on experience of working metal.


CGP London
CGP London is an artist led initiative providing exhibitions of contemporary art, at two
venues in Southwark Park. Over several years NSET has provided funding for the
DIY Club, a Saturday morning art club for local family learning.

"With much valued support from the North Southwark Environment Trust, Bridget
Virden has developed the DIY Club into a much valued service by participants and a
key part of CGP London's (formerly Cafe Gallery Projects) provision of arts-led
learning for the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe community"
– David Allen.


Tideway Sailability
Tideway Sailability has been wonderfully supported by NSET for a very long time.
They know us, they have visited us and sailed with us, and they have given us money. Tideway is very grateful.
Over the years they have given us funds for the purchase of boats especially the Access 303's such as you can see in the photo whereby people with very serious disabilities can sail independently. They have helped us with our 2sail 2012 project with visually impaired people. Greenland Dock is one of Southwark's largest "open areas" and watersports is the only way you can make it available for play. Tideway is part of that play making sure that it is "sailing for all".