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Applications will be considered in respect of proposed actions which are of benefit to people within the defined geographical area. Evidence of charitable or non-profit distributing status will be required from new applicants.
NSET is a small Charity, with grants normally limited to £2,500 per applicant in any one year. To provide some funding stability to the charities it supports, NSET welcomes serial applications for such annual amounts spanning a three year period and to a maximum of. £7,500. The Trustees are particularly interested in NSET making contributions which will help applicants to lever funds from other sources. If finance is required from a variety of sources before a project or activity can proceed then payment of all or part of an approved grant may be withheld until all of the finance is secured.

NSET's financial year is from 1st April to 31st March each year.

Requests for contributions to the on-going revenue costs of applicant organisations will not be considered.

Actions proposed must:

• be time-limit specified.
• be achievable.
• have measurable outcomes.

Applications must:

be accompanied by a budget for the full period of the action proposed.
Catchment area

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